Orlando Owen

“The reason why I can help you is that I myself was a total loser once – most likely more than you are now – and I found a way out. If I could do it, you can do it too.”

my mission

In today’s society, there are hardly any men who can justifiably call themselves men. The mission of MagickMale is to give men like you back the connection to your power. As long as you don’t take this step, no woman will respect you.

35+ Years of experience

For over 20 years, Orlando Owen has been helping men like you overcome their problems in life. Sometimes extremely painful problems with women, with your self-esteem and your purpose in life. His mission is to help you overcome these problems once and for all. But long before Orlando Owen started working with men, he worked with women. After studying psychology, he worked with several thousand women, first therapeutically, then sexually therapeutically, which is why nothing feminine is foreign to him today.

35+ Jahre Erfahrung

Because of his work with women, more and more men came to Orlando about 25 years ago and asked him to share his experience with them. During his sexual therapy and later tantric work with women, Orlando learned a lot about the female psyche. Secrets that remain closed to the normal man forever: how women tick, what concerns them and, above all, what annoys them about men, and what they find attractive. What exactly triggers attraction in them and what does the opposite.

Kein Geborener Verführer

Als Teenager hatte Orlando Owen überhaupt keinen Plan mit Frauen. Er war die Unsicherheit in Person. Selbst wenn ein Mädchen ihn attraktiv fand war er so verplant, depressiv, pessimistisch und negativ in seiner ganzen Lebenssicht, dass er es gar nicht gemerkt hätte, wenn ihm eine Frau schöne Augen gemacht hätte.


Aufgewachsen als Teenager in den 70er Jahren verlor Orlando seine Unschuld nicht, wie seine Altersgenossen, bereits mit 16 oder 17 Jahren, sondern erst mit 21, was für damalige Verhältnisse spät war und so, als würdest Du heute Deine Unschuld erst mit 30 oder 35 Jahren verlieren.

Not a born seducer

As a teenager, Orlando Owen had no plan at all with women. He was the insecurity in person. Even if a girl found him attractive, he was so planned, depressed, pessimistic and negative in his whole view of life that he would not have noticed if a woman had made him beautiful eyes. Growing up as a teenager in the 70s, Orlando did not lose his innocence, like his peers, at the age of 16 or 17, but only at the age of 21, which was late for the time and as if you would lose your innocence today at the age of 30 or 35.


Später lernte Orlando mit Frauen umzugehen und hatte auch mehrere Freundinnen. Doch obwohl es mit den Frauen besser lief als zuvor, konnte Orlando zu diesem Zeitpunkt mit Beziehungen nicht umgehen. Sie endeten stets in Drama & Streit. So war es auch kein Wunder, dass Orlando seine erste Ehe mit Ende 20 in Rekordzeit in den Sand setzte.

Nach diesem schmerzhaften Erlebnis wollte Orlando sich nie wieder auf eine Beziehung einlassen. Er verbrachte die nächsten 15 Jahre als Player und wurde relativ erfolgreich mit Frauen. Doch seine innere Leere, seine Unerfülltheit und sein verschlossenes Herz konnte er mit Frauen nicht füllen. Es war ein sehr einsamer Ort und Orlando lernte, dass ihn dieses Player-Dasein nicht erfüllen konnte.


Later, Orlando learned to deal with women and also had several girlfriends. But although things were going better with the women than before, Orlando could not handle relationships at that time. They always ended in drama & strife. So it was no wonder that Orlando put his first marriage in the sand in record time at the end of his 20s. After this painful experience, Orlando never wanted to get involved in a relationship again. He spent the next 15 years as a player and became relatively successful with women. But he could not fill his inner emptiness, his unfulfillment and his closed heart with women. It was a very lonely place and Orlando learned that this player existence could not fulfill him.

Authentic Masculinity

There was a much deeper problem that he hadn’t looked at yet: A fiercely dramatic relationship with a prominent figure skater marked the start of Orlando’s search for what’s really at stake: the connection to real, mature hard and yet authentic masculinity. Because that’s what attracts women and nothing else. Orlando embarked on a kind of vision quest for the following 2 years after Sedona, Arizona and finally found the connection to this original masculine power through his knowledge from initiation schools and with the help of mentors such as Steve P. (known from Neil Straus’ “The Game”) Orlando.

Authentische Männlichkeit

For more than 20 years, as a true alpha man, he has been a mentor to men seeking his help. Be it with women, with self-esteem or your direction in life. Especially in the current time, true, strong, authentic masculinity is needed more urgently than ever.

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